Top Attars – My Favorites List

Last yearย  if one is asked me to recollect top 3 names of attars (ittars) I would say Jannatul Firdaus…..(and go blank for a few seconds) and then might say Rose, Musk etc.

I used Attars (Ittars) only during Eid or Juma Prayer. But after my Hajj in 2008 I bought a dozen of attar fragrances in Makkah and Madinah.

Here are the ones that I have used and highly recommend to you

1000 Flowers (Attar-e-Madinah) : Light, Citrus, slightly related to Jannatul Firdaus, stays for a long time and gives a fresh feeling every time you smell it.

White Musk: Classic, Mild, Masculine and Sober. Its Sunnah to use Musk as it was the favorite of Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) and he described musk as the best of all fragrances.

Red Musk: Similar to white musk , but more intense and heavy.

Salma: The strongest attar i have ever used. The smell stays even after the clothes get washed. The smell is modest initially, then gets intense after sometimeย  and then gets lighter again.

Jannatul Firdaus: I am sure this is the most widely used and sold Attar. The intensity is moderate, Its woody smell gives you the feeling of being inside a masjid.

Tohfa: It has fruity fragrance and the smell stays really long on skin compared to cloth

Hajr-e-Aswadh: This is the attar which is used to wash the Holy Stone on Kaaba and the same is put on the outer walls of kaaba prior to each prayer. It is intense, earthy and has a metallic feel attached to it.

Rose: Classic. Its also Sunnah to use rose.

Escada: Its a non-alcoholic version ofย  the famous escada perfume. Its very woody, light and has a herbal feel to it

Lux: Very famous in India as people are fond of lux soap. It really smells like the classic Lux Soap.

Shah-e-Iran: very similar to Hajr-e-Aswadh but more masculine and spicy. One gets the feeling of walking across a shop which sells spices, herbs and dry fruits.

I will add more to this post as my exploration of fragrances gets advanced.

Thanks for Stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚



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I am Syed Fawaz Ahmed. I am currently pursuing post graduation in New Media Design at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Engineer by profession, Artist at heart. I have done my Engineering in Information Science in M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology You can reach me at
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51 Responses to Top Attars – My Favorites List

  1. Manzoor Elahi says:

    Thanks Fawaz, good information about the attar … i was looking for this from long time … I will try out some of these …

    — Manzoor

  2. sandeep das says:

    hey fawaz.. nice write up !! Am amazed by the in-depth analysis u have made !! really tempted to try some of there ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Abdul Azeez Zubair says:

    Very useful information bro, I am very particular when it comes to ittars, will certainly give it a try for some of them from above list, which I have not used so far.

  4. mohibali says:

    fiza is one of the purest attars. Chariot, fasli gulab, khus, majmuah, lilac, pride, fantsatic, brutemusk, jovan musk, gulbahar, guldistan, attars from kelkar and hindostan perfumes, dg gore produces some very good fragrance such as magnet.

    • Thank you for you inputs on various attars.
      But as far as i know most of the attar names are kept by the manufacturer themselves. They are not standard. You will find attars like magnet or chanel or 1000 flowers in almost all attar shops but they all smell different in different shops. So its better to buy from reputed brands like ajmal / rasasi / arabian oud who have the consistent attars and they maintain the quality well. Sadly I dont know any such reputed attar brands in India. In bangalore there are shops like BAP, jamal, shuaib but as I said, they are all just shops not brands.

  5. swapnil mane says:

    sultan and white udd is one of d bst attars i evr usedd

  6. Manish Chaudhari says:

    Nice info Fawaz. I also like various fragrances of attar, specially during Idd festival when I meet various of my muslim friends to greet them & I felt it fresh feel all the time. good.

  7. Nishant Rastogi says:

    Superb work Fawaz.

  8. idirees says:

    we attar lovers are grateful to you Mr. Fawas for your info.. i suggest “Romance”
    by Rasasi brand

  9. Harshe says:

    Thank you for all the information but also tell us where to by these from in India Mumbai/Pune .
    Garden was one such attar that my mummy always loved but no more available. Also Khus 96 No is one of our all time favourites.

  10. satish says:

    what about white wood and black rose

    • Hi Satish,

      I have not used the ones you have mentioned. But generally the attar manufacturers use different names for same attar. The name is selected to attract the target buyers.
      But there are some brands like Ajmal, Rasasi, Surrati which have standard fragrance line-ups and these names are generally imitated by the local manufacturers.


  11. singh says:

    wah kya baat hai

  12. Krunal Panchal says:

    hello friend, can u suggest me the name of attar which can be use for God. One of my friend suggest one name (Hino/Heeno). is it the correct name?

  13. Zoya Khanam says:

    All brothers can also try Ittare Nazneen, Al-Hamd, Boss, Alisha, Cobra, Export, Armani, Ittare-Nafisa etc

  14. Saifan Bagban says:

    Jannatul bakhi from nabeel

  15. sadiq noor shaikh says:

    Mukammal, babe rehmat white sultan from sn fragrances.

  16. Arvind says:

    Can you please name the attar made of Whale – fish Vomit.

  17. kailu says:

    tell me the name of attar whos fragrance is pan parg type
    or masala type like open.

  18. Umer Moin says:

    [ Assalamu alaikum my brothers of Islam and fellow-mates of India ]

    Hey Fawaz,

    I know that I am replying to such an old post, but I couldn’t resist appreciating you for this great piece of information/experience that you have shared. Kudos to that. I’d be glad if you could provide some “links” from where I can avail genuine Attars in Bangalore ๐Ÿ™‚

    Over the past many years, I normally purchase Attars from the BAP stores; and I apart from most of the Attars that you have mentioned, I personally have found the fragrance of RIDA (aka Itr-e-Khusoor) and SULTAN very much appealing.

    Jaza k Allah

    Umer bin Abdul Azeez

    • Wlkmaslm,

      Yeah I know its an old post :). These days you get attars in pre-packaged bottles (with a box packaging) OR the old way in which you select a attar and the shop guy decants the attar from a bigger bottle to a smaller one. I usually buy the old way after selecting the attars.

      As you may know, the same scent is known by various names at different shops. Though the attar, its composition and fragrance is same, It is known by different names in different shops. These are marketing tactics of shop owners to promote and sell attars. Nowadays I see many attars have english names like ARMANI, JOOP, VERSACE etc. This is to woo the customers who want “english” smelling but “non-alcoholic” attars.

      Some of the stores I know where you get good attars are:
      1) BAP Stores, Opp. Sultan Shah Masjid, Shivajinagar, Bangalore
      2) Imaad Perfumes, Opp. Sultan Shah Masjid, Shivajinagar, Bangalore
      3) Asma Perfumes, Opp. Gulistan Shadi Mahal, Infantry Road, Bangalore
      4) Ajmal Perfumes(DUBAI), Safina Plaza, Infantry Road, Bangalore
      5) One store in Dharmaraj Koil Street, Russell Market, Shivajinagar, Bangalore

      I ll try Rida next time, Inshallah.
      If you like attars what they use in Saudi, you can try Mukhallat al Arabiya from Imaad.


  19. kailas says:

    hey fawaz
    tell me the long lasting attars name tell me 2/3 name and its brand
    budget 3000 / 5000rs
    i know one dehn el ood mubarak
    is this long lasting or not
    ans me plz

  20. ManVi says:

    Would you know a good place to but Attars online? I am new to Attars and wanting to try one that lasts long and is a bit citrus (fresh)

  21. sayyad says:

    Dear fawaz kindly tell me price of DG musk and availability in Bangalore.

  22. Tushar says:

    thanks Fawaz for giving detail idea about attar.

    i want to purchase good attar which u suggest above, which last smell for longer time.
    at present i am in muscat. so can you tell me the excact name of attar which i will tell to shop keeper.

    i want the strongest attar for daily use.

    can u please suggest me few names.


  23. Tushar says:

    Also if you give few name of strong perfume which are availabe in muscat at any store.


  24. shaik khalid says:

    Assalam. I a Shaik Khalid from kurnool andhra Pradesh, India. Cell:+91-8978764771. I am very favourite of attar. Plz call me as you go through this mail. Allah Hafiz.

  25. prashant says:

    hi guys cany any one help me by finding attar named called BLUE i need it.
    plz mail me

  26. Kailas says:

    Thanx fawaz for information
    Plz tell me 2 perfumes & 2 attars name
    Which is very very long lasting

  27. Jamal says:

    JazaakAllaahu Khair Brother

    In my childhoold I used to like fragrance of Attars, then started loving it, then I became passionate about it and now it has become my weakness.

    Best Attars are Arabic Attars, it gives a Royal Fragrance and makes you light and fresh and somehow changes your mood and lead to Happy Feeling.

    Yes, Jannat-ul-Firdaus is evergreen attar and one of my favorites till date.

    No wonder I have kept my daughter name Firdaus ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mukhallat is an Arabic word which means Mixture.

  28. chakes007 says:

    Shukran for this info. What would you recommend for Ajmal perfumes as I see only this brand in South Africa.

  29. Mohd Maaz says:

    assalamualaikum bro .. could you please name any attar smell like English perfumes…?

  30. Chinmay Shah says:

    Hi All,

    Those who want information about attars & perfumes in general…please visit my posts at :

    I am not advertsing or anything like that…two other guys & myself have been discussing about attars since 5-6 months…& we all have done some research here & there on the internet..
    Hope you all find the info useful,


  31. Nikh says:

    @fawaz bro I purchased some attars from Gulab Singh Johrimal, Chandni Chowk,Delhi
    i Got Black Musk, White Musk And Cucumber and then 24 types of fruits perfume but few of them where authentic and rest smell the same…!!

  32. Ashkeen khan says:

    Thanks Fawaz for sharing this information but I want to know the name of that attar which is very long lasting and having nice fragrance

  33. Shalini says:

    Hi someone bought me Extreme Poizon attar .Can someone tell pls Wea and how I can buy it .It smells really nice.Before someone bought it from Gujrat(India) but I don’t know how I will get it online as I m Auckland based

  34. Shaikh Mustaquim says:

    Very nice information…..THANKS!!

  35. Abdul Hadhi Hamza says:

    Dear …..
    I’m Abdul Hadhi Hamza from colombo
    I want to buy attar white musk .
    Plzz help me sir
    Jazakallahu khairah Allah bless u ameen ameen ameen.

  36. ubaithullah says:

    zam zam and sabaya…….u need to buy these attars only in madina near masjid un nabavi…..or otherwise u may get duplicate

  37. Amit says:

    Thanks, Mr. Fawaj for providing sach a nice information…

    Can you tell me plz, which brand’s jannatul firdaus attar is best… ?? Because there are many brands in india which are selling it.

    How can i know which brand provide me the original jannatul firdaus attar ?

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