Respect Thy Neighbour

Respect Thy Neighbour - Painting Courtesy Jonathan Hart

Respect Thy Neighbour - Painting Courtesy Jonathan Hart

Neighbours, are annoying aren’t they?
But these are the ones that will come to you immediate help when you really need. Your friends and families come much later.

So I say….

Respect Thy Neighbour

Islamic Rulings – How to treat your Neighbours ?

  • Be good to your immediate neighbours as well as those who lives at a distance from your house
  • And if the neighbour is also a relative, he has more rights upon you
  • Be good to your neighbour, even if he does not belongs to your religion
  • If you fear Allah and the day of Judgement, DONT HURT YOUR NEIGHBOUR
  • Whoever fights with his neighbour fights with Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), and whoever fights with Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) fights with Allah
  • Dont let your neighbour starve, when you are eating to your fill
  • Increase the gravy in the curry, so that you can share it with you neighbours
  • Send home food to neighbours, even if simple – It creates wonderful bond and a harmonious society
  • Do not cause  him inconvenience with the aroma of your food, unless you send some for him
  • It’s a blessing from Allah, if you have a good neighbour
  • Always accept gifts from your neighbours – even if trivial. Never consider the gift as insignificant
  • Visit them when they get ill
  • Attend their funeral
  • Grant him a loan when he needs and give him ample time to repay
  • Conceal his errors, Inshallah your errors will be concealed by Allah on the day of judgement
  • Congratulate him for every good
  • Console him when he is afflicted with trials
  • Do not raise your buildings higher than your neighbours, thereby preventing fresh air to enter their houses, Take permission before your build higher buildings
  • Seek refuge from evil neighbours
  • Volunteer to help them before they ask you for help
  • Do not hurt their kids by buying more expensive toys for your kids.

These rules may seem irrelevant in this self-centered society, where people hardly know who’s living next door.

But these rules help us become Better Muslims, Better Humans.

Thanks 🙂



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I am Syed Fawaz Ahmed. I am currently pursuing post graduation in New Media Design at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Engineer by profession, Artist at heart. I have done my Engineering in Information Science in M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology You can reach me at
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