A blessing called GUEST !

A Blessing called GUEST !

Guests come to our houses quite often,
They are great initially but when the guests stays for long… that’s when our comfort zones get invaded. So how can keep the guest happy as well as maintain our comfort zones? How can we achieve this balance?

Read on….

As a HOST you MUST

  1. Express Joy and Love on the arrival of Guest. Show him every mark of Respect and Honour
  2. When the guests arrival, Convey Salaam to them and enquire them about their health
  3. Show generous hospitality and offer them the best that is readily available.
  4. Ask them whether they would like to use the toilet or bathroom, arrange for a bath if required.
  5. Even in odd hours for meals, ask your guest if he wants to eat, in such a discreet manner that he should not decline it as a matter of formality
  6. Show the guest his room and arrange for his bed, show him the direction of Qibla.
  7. Avoid pestering the guest with your constant company, allow him sufficient time to take rest.
  8. During dinner time wash your hands first and reach to the table before your guest reaches, in order to greet him at the meal
  9. When the guest is dining with you, feel pleasure and do not show any signs of stinginess. The guest is a source of blessing from Allah. When Allah sends a guest, he sends provisions for the guest also. The food that the guest eats, was decreed to him, You are eating his part of divine bounty.
  10. Let the quantity of food be somewhat excess to what the guest can actually eat, persuade the guest to eat more.
  11. Keep extra plates on the table, if someone arrives when you are eating, you don’t have to get up to get an extra plate, and the one who arrived will saved from embarrassment.
  12. Protect the Honour and Dignity of your guest just like how you would protect yours.
  13. Show selflessness and sacrifice, even at the cost of your inconvenience
  14. Observe all etiquettes of hospitality with eagerness and enthusiasm till 3 days, from the fourth day whatever you offer to the guest is charity on your part. You can be more relaxed and need not take extra efforts.
  15. Do not delegate the responsibility of serving you guests to your servants or children. It’s your moral duty.
  16. If the guest treats you in a bad manner or gives you a cold shoulder, Be patient and still treat him with generosity and humility.
  17. Request the guest to make dua for you and your family

There are also a few obligations on the guest


  1. Take gifts along, which suits the taste of the host. Exchanging gifts strengthens the bond between people.
  2. Do not stay for more than 3 days, unless there is a strong reason for you to stay. Or if the host insists a lot, you can extend the stay.
  3. Do not be always a Guest, be a host too.
  4. Take proper clothing, stuff that you may require during the stay Eg. Warm clothes during winter, so that it should not be a burden on the host.
  5. Make sure that your presence does not affect the daily activities and duties of the host.
  6. Do not make extra ordinary demands on the host, be content with whats been given.
  7. DO NOT TALK TO WOMEN OF THE HOST’S HOUSE, if they are not your close relatives. Maintain the laws of Purdah all the time.
  8. If you do not wish to eat with your host for some reason, excuse yourself politely and invoke blessings on the host
  9. At the end of your stay or meal, Pray to Allah to provide the host with extensive grace, favour and mercy.

In early arabs the most respectable in the society was the one who was most hospitable to his guests.
Arabs still treat hospitality as a noble trait, which is very evident when one goes to perform hajj or umrah. They treat pilgrims as the guests of Allah and place them over their own family. May Allah maintain this spirit in Arabs forever.

The visit of Guests adds to our honour and dignity, lets not think they are a menace.
Remember, Angels do not visit the house that is not visited by guests.

The next time the door bell rings, Let’s be nice.



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  1. dia says:

    i appreciate u for this effort bcz i like this as a teacher

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