Learn URDU, the easy way !

Assalamalekum ORB,

I was always keen to study urdu which i did not learn in my childhood. So i bought  set of 5 books – which start from individual hurf(letters) and gradually increase the complexity.

The first book is called “Hamari Kitab” – Book Zero Level. It starts with Urdu letters with pictures and moves on to simple words and then sentences. This book was originally written only in Urdu. I have added the English transliteration, for Muslim brethren who are new to Urdu.

I have added the English transliteration in “Hamari Kitaab – Book Zero” in 2 ways.

Sticky Note: next to each word there is a yellow icon of a dialogue bubble. Hover or click on it to see the English transliteration. This I started off with basic Adobe Reader’s sticky note tool to add English transliteration. But found that this was not the most efficient way to do it.

Sticky Note Help

Sticky Note Help

2. Typewriter tool:  Later I found an amazing PDF editor called “Foxit Reader” which allows you to write directly on the PDF using the typewriter tool. ( I recommend Foxit while reading this book. But Adobe reader should also be fine)

Typewriter Tool

Typewriter Tool

I have uploaded both the versions of the book –
Urdu only and Urdu+English.

Hamari Kitaab – Book Zero
Click to Hamari Kitaab  – Urdu Only – PDF (32 MB)
Click to Hamari Kitaab  – Urdu and English – PDF (32 MB)

Urdu ki Pehli Kitaab – Book One
Click to Urdu Ki Pehli Kitaab  – Urdu Only – PDF (8 MB)

Urdu ki Dusri Kitaab – Book Two
Click to Urdu Ki Dusri Kitaab  – Urdu Only – PDF (22 MB)

Hope this will be useful to you. Inshallah will upload the next books soon.
Remember me in your duas.



About syedfawaz2002

I am Syed Fawaz Ahmed. I am currently pursuing post graduation in New Media Design at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Engineer by profession, Artist at heart. I have done my Engineering in Information Science in M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology You can reach me at syedfawaz2002@gmail.com
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78 Responses to Learn URDU, the easy way !

  1. Manzoor Elahi says:

    Assalamalekum ORB,

    Fawaz bhai, I always wanted to learn urdu by myself, this initiative from you is really good, Allah bless you for this good deed. But I want to learn myself Urdu, so it will be good if your document has English also summary side by side.



  3. Md Imteyaz Khan says:

    Please send the remaining book links. thank you.

  4. بسم الله
    الحمد لله وصلاة وسلام على رسول الله. أما بعد

    AlSalaamu ‘alaikum br. Fawaz, may Allah ta’ala bless you for taking this initiative. Alhamdulillah, I know Urdu nevertheless I’m still a student. I believe these books along with their transliteration will be of great benefit for the beginners. I’ve recommended these books to some brother I know who’re very eager to learn Urdu. I hope they’re going to find them useful.

    May Allah ta’ala forgive you and us and guide us all to the straight path. ameen


    • Wlkmaslm Br.Manaarah,

      Alhamdulillah I have added a part of these books. But I would like to add the whole 5 books. I might need some help in transliteration. If any of the brothers are interested in helping me transliterate. Inshallah it will be very beneficial.


      • Brother Fawaz, just to confirm, did you add transliteration to the first book of the series entitled “Hamari Kitab”? I downloaded it and didn’t find the transliteration along with the original Urdu text of the book.

        Alhamdulillah, let me know if you know any help with the transliteration. I’ll be more than happy to help you if I can, inshallah.

        Wa feeka baarakallah.

      • Jameela Junaid says:

        Assalamu Alaykum Sir i downloaded the other 2 parts are in urdu but didn´t know if there are exercises or not, i was waiting will be in English, im english native origin and want to learn Urdu im reverted muslim and surrounded of Urdu speakers (family in law, husband, friends…) and i have been studying for a year with private teacher, if i can help in anyway and be useful i will be happy and grateful for the sake of Allah. Thank you for the keys on the letters are very useful with the examples to learn new vocabulary.

  5. Muhammad Anisul Islam says:

    Assalamualiku…Brother thank you for your laudable initiative.I want to learn Urdu with its grammar.
    Please help me with cordial suggestions.
    Allah Hafeez

  6. Prakhar Misra says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  7. ADAM AHMED says:

    I am just beginning to start to learn Urdu – this site is great .jazakallaahu khayrun.

  8. kesav says:

    dear brother thanks for u r effort to train the people who dont know that how to read and write urdu…
    as a christian i wish to learn urdu and i need to go through THE HOLY BOOK of ours..
    please guide me from basics ( starting from alphabets ) if u have a wish to train people who want to learn …..
    thank you
    please mail me kesavacool@gmail.com

  9. sameer qureshi says:

    mashaALLAH brother great work i want to learn urdu.

    • Aslkm Brother Sameer,

      Jazakallah for the kind words.
      I think you are from Hyderabad, You could get basic urdu books like these or buy it from a islamic book store. Any imam or muazzin in your nearest mosque could teach you. Urdu is very easy, if you know arabic letters and have read the Quran. You just need to practice. Practising under an imam or a muazzin helps you learn faster.

      Hope that helps
      Remember in Duas.


      • Ahamadhi Fathima says:

        Assalamu alaikum bhaiya. thank you so much. i wanted to learn urdu, i actually speak urdu but i studied in english medium where i never had a chance to learn urdu. but i have more passion towards learning urdu. i myself learnt urdu alphabets i can also read a word sometimes i fail then i understood my basic knowledge has to be improved. ur book n website is really useful. moreover i wud luv to read Al Quran in urdu translation so that i can understand our Quran. and for this i must really have sound knowledge in urdu so read a Quran. hope ur website helps me. jazakallah.

        Remember me in ur duas.

        please let me know if i can of anyhelp to this or any of our religious activity in future.

        Allah hafiz

      • Wlkmaslm Sis Fathima,

        Jazakallah for the kind words. I am glad to hear that you learnt Urdu on your own. Even I could not learn it in my childhood because of my English education.

        For understanding Quran, Arabic is the best language, as Allah has chosen this language for Quran. If you know Urdu, learning Arabic (to speak/understand) is not very tough. Apart from Quran there are some wonderful urdu books by the Indo-Pak authors which could help you understand Islam better. As muslims we need to learn Arabic and Urdu for the purpose of Aakhirah.

        My friend Mufti Farman Ansari is a Islamic Scholar. He is doing his research jointly with Dr.Mushtaq Ahmed (Dean of Shifa Hospital, Bangalore). They are coming up with a publication that outlines the Islamic Ethics for Medical Practitioners. If you see the medical world today, it is full of corruptions – hidden commissions, unnecessary medical tests, kick-backs from pharmacy companies. This has made medicines and treatment very costly and unaffordable to common man. They hope that this publication will help improve the medical field in Moral aspect and give Islamic guidelines to Muslim Doctors.

        Mufti Farman knows Urdu and Arabic very well but his English is not so good. If you are willing to do the translation part for this publication I can connect you with him.


      • Ahamadhi Fathima says:

        Assalamu Alaikum Bhaiya.

        Thanks a lot for your valuable reply. Am glad to do the translation part. It would be great to know the procedure for translation before going ahead. So that I can make sure whether it is possible by me as I have just started learning Urdu and I could only read Arabic. Please help with it.

        You mentioned that some Urdu books may also help to know Islam better.Ex. “6 Gunegar Aurathen”. But can you please help me by guiding if those books are also available in English so that I start reading, simultaneously I will learn urdu Insha Allah.

        Jazakallah Khair

  10. vikram singh says:

    very commendable work,
    thank you, it helped a lot… 🙂

  11. Sunil says:

    Hi Fawaz,
    I am die hard fan of the legendery Mirza Galib and wish to read more of his literature and learn Urdu. If possible e mail me some basic Urdu Learning Books,


    • Hi Sunil,

      I am working on uploading new Urdu Learning Books, especially for someone who has no knowledge about the arabic alphabets.

      Will keep you updated.

      • Sunil says:

        Hi Fawaz,
        I’ve downloaded Humari Kitab and started reading it. I am now able to read/write basic alphabets. I would like to learn more, looking forward for more basic books, thanks a lot,
        great work !



  12. TRS says:

    it is awsesomee…!! Jazakallahu khairan..!!
    May Allah reward you immenslyyyyyy …!! Ameen.

  13. Ajju says:

    urdu ki pehli kitab – urdu and english kab aayegi

  14. amrin says:

    i need english translations plz help

  15. azhar says:

    Assalamu Aalaikum
    Dear Brother fawaz
    i taken printout your book “Hamari Kitab” and remaining two book Urdu ki pehli kitaab and urdu ki dusri kitaab, enable to open, could you please send these two book on my email ID azhar251@yahoo.com, i appreciate your good efforts… jazakallah khair

  16. Lyn Petersen says:

    I would like to learn urdu

    • Hi Lyn,

      Let me introduce you Mohammed Khalid.
      Khalid Sir is a engineer by qualification and teacher by profession. He conducts Arabic and urdu language classes, memory improvement and personality development courses in a very novel manner. He is very well known in Bangalore and also conducts classes very actively over skype for students all over the world.

      You may contact him for learning urdu.

      I am sure you will benefit from him, Inshallah.


  17. noor ahmed says:

    asalamuvalekum fawaz bhai…
    you did a splendid work….
    i got what iam searching for..
    shukriyah…allah aapke har kaam me madat farmaye…inshaallah

  18. assalamualikum

    i have downloaded the pdf, but for some reason there are only blank pages… can
    you please help me.. i hav o. thet pdf books on my tab too… but only blank pages hav been downloaded on this one. i was looking for the lyrics of alif se Allah ko pehchaan.. bey se badon ka kehna maan.. to teach my lil son… can you fwd it to me pls.


    • Wlkmaslm Sis.Yasmeen

      I will check the PDF and see what’s the problem. I will soon send you the lyrics as well. Inshallah.



        Khalid Arabic Academy, now registered under Malak Welfare Trust, will be starting a new batch for brothers and sisters both. These classes will be conducted Online via skype for the convenience of those who could not make it to our earlier classes and those who want to learn from the comforts of their houses.

        و السلام
        MG Khalid
        Khalid Arabic Academy – +919845405745

        Email: khalidarabicacademy@gmail.com

        Skype Name: khalid.mg 

        understanding the verbs in Arabic – taught in an innovative way so that you can remember for lifetime.Insha’Allaah

        Visit for live recording of Arabic Class

        Watch this little angel. A product of Khalid Arabic Academy


        Divine World School – A School with Islamic perspective
        Visit: www.divineuq.com
        Is your child studying in Divine World ( Islamic ) School?
        Yes, mine is. 

        The Miracles of Qur’aan can be appreciated only when it is understood in Arabic Language, not through any translation.

    • Aslkm Sis.Yasmeen Basheer

      Here you go the lyrics of Alif se Allah ko pehchaan, Bey se badon ka kehna maan

      Remember me in your duas

  19. furqanbhai says:

    Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    JAZAKALLAH bhai, please remember me in ur duas and mail me whenever you post the remaining books.


    Mohammed Furqan

  20. Nwaythazinaung says:

    May Allah give many benefits to you!

  21. Mir Azhar Ali says:

    Jazak Allah Qhair May Allah reward you my dream come true Inshallah Ya Raab i will be learn as soon as possible. Since childhood i want to learn Urdu because our Islamic language is in Urdu language i will to learn our great religion in Urdu language. Once again Jazak Allah Qhair

    • Mir Azhar Ali says:

      Jazak Allah Qhair May Allah reward you my dream come true Inshallah Ya Raab i will be learn as soon as possible. Since childhood i want to learn Urdu because our Islamic literature is in Urdu language and i will to learn our great religion and history in Urdu language. Once again Jazak Allah Qhair

  22. hadi farroukh says:

    hi since only book zero is avialable in english and urdo and the rest are not
    how can we use the next 2 book if we cant understand them
    please help

  23. salim says:

    assalamuwlikum my dear brother , Allaha may bless on you for ur this good work

  24. Aftab says:


  25. MOHD TAHIR says:

    Bhai Assalamu alaikum
    Sukuriya jo apne itni achhi achhi books aur quran download ka lie available kar rakhe hain.
    bhai mujhse contact karna me web developer hun thoda is website ko develop kar dunga phir yeh achhi lagegi aur han me paise nahi lunga kyunki aap nek kaam kar rahe hain toh me apki madad karna chahta hun.

  26. MOHD TAHIR says:

    Bhai Assalamu alaikum
    Sukuriya jo. apne itni achhi achhi books aur quran download ka lie available kar rakhe hain.
    bhai mujhse contact karna me web developer hun thoda is website ko develop kar dunga phir yeh achhi lagegi aur han me paise nahi lunga kyunki aap nek kaam kar rahe hain toh me apki madad karna chahta hun.

  27. shukriya fawad bhai for uploading this book. : )

  28. sabeel shaik says:

    thank you fawad great help

  29. Nihal says:

    JazakaLLah Bhai Please upload this book in google playstore

  30. manish says:

    aslamalaekum bhai jan. hm basic se urdu sikhna chahte h. hm islam kubul krna chte h. pr koi aisa book hmko email kijia taki hm pd ske.

  31. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much for uploading these.
    Was searching for a good book to learn Urdu from a long time.
    Now got it!

  32. akshay says:

    Sir as a beginner I want to know what all basic I should go through to learn urdu.

  33. Help says:

    Unable to download Hamari Kitab Urdu and English. Please fix the links.

  34. Utpal says:

    Hello! I am trying to learn Urdu through internet. I am being confused to differentiate “RA” and “DA” in a sentence/ word. Can anyone please help me in this regardd.

  35. satyam singh says:

    सर,मैं उर्दू basic से लिखना और पढ़ना चाहता हूँ ,क्योंकि यह हिंदी से काफी मिलती-जुलती है ! कृपया करके हिंदी से उर्दू सिखाने का कोई तकरीब बताए ,इसके लिए मैं सदा आभारी रहुँगा। धन्यवाद

  36. malaymehta77 says:

    is their any book for urdu which help you to teach urdu from basic
    basically i want to learn to speak urdu and the words as i am very fond of learning this language and want to speak it too
    please help
    thank you

  37. sandeep gautam says:

    sandeepgautam627@gmail.com please email these books i have to learn urdu please help me

  38. YASER YAKUB (INDIA) says:

    Thank you very much…. Superb for urdu beginners…. Jazakkallah

  39. Anindya says:

    great help!

  40. Sandeep Karan says:

    Hi Fawaz, Good book for learning Urdu language .


    i am english can someone help me with a textbook to learn to speak urdu

  42. Mohammed Z Ali says:

    Jazakallakhairan Kaseera !

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