Major Signs of The Judgement day

Maariful Hadith: Vol 4, Maulana Manzoor Nomani (RA)

  1. Rising  of  the  sun  from  the West  instead  of  the  East
  2. The emergence of Duabutul Ard  (a beast  from  the earth)
  3. The coming of Dajjal
  4. The descent of Sayyidina Isa

When affairs are handed over to the unworthy

Kazzabeen (great liars) will appear. These are the people whose lies are out of the ordinary and concern the religion, like claim of prophet hood, inventing Ahadith or false stories to promote their biddah and evil.


  1. The persons in authority will use spoils of war as their personal wealth although they belong to the warriors and the poor too have a share in it.
  2. They will not pay zakah to the government willingly but regard it as a kind of penalty.
  3. Religious knowledge will be  acquired  to  further worldly  ends and  gains  although  it  should  be  acquired  for  religion  and improvement of one’s Hereafter.
  4. Men will obey their wives and attend to their whims
  5. They will disobey their mothers
  6. They will keep close to friends and colleagues
  7. They will keep the father away and treat him shabbily
  8. Etiquette   will not   be observed   in mosques where it is not allowed to speak loudly unnecessarily. People will make noise and shout there.
  9. The sinful people will be chiefs and leaders of tribes.
  10. Those people will  be  made  responsible for their community who are the most mean among them
  11. The wicked  will  be  respected   because people   fear their wickedness
  12. There will be an abundance of professional singing-girls
  13. There will be abundance of musical   instruments   (and those who enjoy them).
  14. Wine will be drunk much
  15. Succeeding generations of the ummah will curse and speak ill of their predecessors in the ummah.

Wrath of Allah will descent in the shape of (red) violent winds, strong earth-quakes, men being swallowed into the earth, their faces bring changes strikingly, raining of stones from heaven, and other signs of the Dominant and Glorious Allah which will appear  in  quick  succession as though beads  falling  off a broken necklace.

When wealth  is  abundant and overflowing and  until when a man  takes  out  zakah  on  his  property  but  does not  find  one (poor, needy  or deserving) who would  accept  it  from  him

Arabian  land  (most  of  which  is  barren  today)  turns  green and flourishing with  rivers

A fire (of unusual kind) rises from the Hijaz which will illuminate the necks of camels in Basra



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