Repentance – Quotes

  1. Tauba – a sincere promise not to do the same evil again
  2. He who does good deed after commission of sin is a real man
  3. Wisdom does not become perfect unless passions, anger and all other vile vices which are the instruments of devil and which misguide men are brought under full control
  4. All men are asleep. When they die, they are awake.
  5. Impurities on soul can be burnt by the fire of repentance and the light of good deeds can remove the darkness of dirt gathered on souls
  6. Allah says “When you had loved me, I had loved you. When you gave me up, I gave you up”
  7. In case of breach of rights of men – There is no pardon of sin unless the owner of the right forgives him.
  8. When a minor sin is done repeatedly it turns into a major sin
  9. Before every major sin, minor sins are committed
  10. If a sin is disclosed, it becomes a major sin
  11. All, except those who disclose their sins, deserve to be forgiven
  12. Live with those who repent as their minds are very soft
  13. Allah says “I will not accept his repentance, as the pleasure of sin still lies within his mind”
  14. Give up every sin, every prohibited thing and do all compulsory duties
  15. One should prepare for correction of past misdeeds, take account of all omissions and commissions and rectify these
  16. When the sins of a man becomes too much and there remains no such good deed which can expatiate his sins, God admits in his mind – worries and anxieties which expiates his sins
  17. Be kind to the man whom you have oppressed
  18. Praise the one whose honor you have destroyed
  19. Your Tauba will not be perfect till you keep separate from your greed, keep silence, eat less, sleep less and take firm precautions in eating lawful things
  20. After the commission of sin, if eight good deeds are done, the sin may be forgiven
    1. 4 actions of heart – think of a good thing, take precautions of sin, fear punishment for sins, expect forgiveness
    2. 4 actions of limbs – pray 2 rakaats immediately, pray forgiveness 70 times and praise Allah 100 times, give charity,  keep fast
  21. Sins committed by night is expiated by secret charity and sins committed at day is expiated by open charity
  22. A certain disciple asked Pir Abu Osman Magribi “Sometimes my tongue utters zikr and quran but my mind remains then absent”. The Pir said “Be grateful to Allah that He kept one of your organs in virtuous act, habituates you in zikr and has not engaged you in evil deeds”
  23. The medicine of tauba is mixture of some ingredients – sweetness of knowledge and bitterness of patience
  24. Worldly punishment due to sins – livelihood may be curtailed, honor may be marred, enemies may increase, one may forget his learning, emission of semen in dream, missing congregational prayers, he is derived of pleasure of invocation, his face becomes black, poverty, illness, he is deprived of good provisions
  25. Allah makes one free from want of men – who seeks pleasure of Allah by incurring the displeasure of men. And He entrusts one to people –  who incurs displeasure of Allah by pleasing to people
  26. He who is kind gets kindness, he who keeps silent remains secure. He who speaks good gets benefit and he speaks evil commits sin. He who does not control his tongue becomes repentant.
  27. Do what will benefit you at time of death and give up what will go against you at the time of death
  28. He who keeps patience raises above wants
  29. Live in this world as one who treats his wounds and keeps patience at the bitterness of medicines fearing the result of disease
  30. When you intend to do oppression on anyone, remember God’s power on you
  31. When you can give up this temporary happiness of this world’s life, how can you get the everlasting happiness of the next world?.
  32. When you cant bear the pangs of patience, how shall you bear the punishment of fire in hell?
  33. It is not known how man will give up greed in future when he cannot give it up at present

– From the book IHYA-UL-ULOOM (Part 4) by Imam Ghazzali


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