Quotes on Gratefulness – SHUKR

  1. When one is grateful towards Allah he will grant more in terms of wealth, grant of invocations, provisions, forgiveness and repentance
  2. Prothet (SAWS) said “He who expresses gratefulness after taking food shall have rank equal to the rank of one who fasts with patience ”
  3. Hazrath Umar (RA) asked Prophet (SAWS) “What wealth shall we keep?”. Prophet (SAWS) replied “a remembering tongue, a grateful heart and a believing wife”
  4. Instead of being grateful to the giver, be grateful to Him who created the giver and his will
  5. When a man cannot remain patient at dangers and difficulties, let him tell it to Allah only as He only gives troubles and removes them
  6. Gratefulness means to spend Allah’s gifts in acts loved by Him
  7. Wonderful aspect of Knowledge (Ilm): The pleasure gained by knowledge cannot be gained by other organs of the body except by soul. The seeker does not get fatigued with the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge does not require to be guarded, Wealth has to be guarded. The more knowledge you share, the more it increases. The more you spend wealth, the more it decreases. Knowledge guards you, but you guard wealth. Wealth may be stolen, but knowledge cannot. The learned live in peace whereas the rich live in fear. Knowledge is always beneficial but wealth may lead to salvation or destruction.
  8. Prophet (SAWS) said “There is no bliss except the bliss of the hereafter”
  9. Prophet (SAWS) said “If one gets up at dawn with health of body, mind free from fear and with daily provisions, he acquires as it were the whole world”
  10. A religious wife is a help towards religion
  11. Face and eyes are the mirror of mind
  12. Prophet (SAWS) said “He who looks to one who is inferior to him regarding worldly affairs and looks to one who is superior to him in religious matters, is recorded by Allah as a patient and grateful man”
  13. When gratefulness for a gift is not expressed, the gist is taken back and does not come back again
  14. Allah says “Allah does not change the condition of people till they themselves change it” 13:11
  15. Knowledge is a gift, but sometimes it becomes a danger. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. Like the time of one’s death and secret sins of man.
  16. Calamities are bitter lessons to a man walking the path of Allah
  17. When Allah loves a servant, he examines him with a calamity
  18. When a calamity befalls on you, it is on account of what your hands have wrought and He forgives much. 42:80
  19. Prophet (SAWS) said “No person swallows sips dearer than two sips to Allah. Sip of anger which he swallows with patience and sip of calamity over which he keeps patience. There is no drop dearer to Allah than 2 drops. One drop of blood  shed in the way of Allah and one drop of tear which falls in prostration during the grim darkness of night and which nobody sees except Allah. There are 2 steps of a servant very dear to Allah – one step for performing compulsory prayer and another step for keeping the tie of blood
  20. Allah said to prophet Ozeir “When any calamity befalls on you, don’t complain of it to My created beings but tell me of your complaint, just as I do not make complaint of you to My angels”

From the book IHYA UL UOOM (Vol 4) by Imam Ghazzali


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