Quotes on Patience – SABR

  1. Allah says “When they kept patience, I created leaders amongst them who showed guidance according to My instruction” 32:24
  2. Take to patience, God is with the patient 2:249
  3. Prophet (SAWS) said “To say against what passion dictates is the best act”
  4. Patience is of 2 kinds. Patience at the occurrence of disasters and patience at the inclination of evil. The latter is better.
  5. Abu Darda (RA) says “To remain patient at commands and to remain satisfied with fate is best rank of faith”
  6. What does patience mean under different conditions – Self-control during hunger, Control during sexual passion, Bravery during battles, Forbearance at anger, Renunciation at pleasures, Satisfaction at possessions
  7. When someone says something hurtful. Allah says “Have patience at what they say and leave them a good leave” 73:10
  8. The joy of reward of pain removes from heart the pangs of pain
  9. Prophet (SAWS) said “Do not complain of your wants and sufferings and do not tell anybody of your dangers”
  10. The dangers and difficulties of world are short-lived but their rewards will remain forever
  11. A slave must cultivate his mind, make it fit for growing the seeds of faith and sincerity and then wait for the mercy of Allah because no year or month passes without the descent of mercy of Allah
  12. Bad habits must be changed one-by-one
  13. Allah says “Be patient, vie in patience with one another and have perseverance therein”

From the book IHYA UL ULOOM (Vol 4) by Imam Ghazzali


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