Supplication for Thursday – Munajate Maqbool

This is a series of duas for everyday of the week.
Taken from the book Munajate Maqbool (Daily Prayers from Qur’an and Hadith) by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi

Supplication for Thursday

O Allah! I seek from You in the name of Muhammad (Sal-am) who is Your Apostle and in the name of Abraham who is Your friend and in the name of Moses whom You have spoken and in the name of Jesus who was the Divine soul (Roohullah) and who spoke Your words, and in the name of the book of Moses, and in name of the Bible of Jesus and Psalms of David, and in name of Holy Quran of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal- am), and in name of every revelation that You descended, and in name of every Order that You made, and in name of every such beggar whom You have obliged and strengthened, and in name of every such misled whom You have given guidance. And I seek from You in Your such name made the earth stop and the mountains freeze, and I seek from You in such of Your name that has made to stay Your Divine Throne and I seek in such of Your name that is pure and clean and is revealed in

Your Book, and I seek in such of Your name that lighted the day when it was placed on it and made the night gloomy, and I seek in name of Your honor and greatness and in the name of the light of Your Being to confer unto me the Holy Quran and make it penetrate into my flesh and blood and into my ears and eyes, and make my body act upon it by Your might and power. As we cannot refrain from sinning and do not command to worship You except by Your support.

O Allah! make us fearless by Your secret tact, and do not make us forgetful of Your memorization, and do not uncover us. Do not make us from amongst the blackeners.

O Allah! I do seek Your peace very urgently and dispelling of the calamities on Your part, and existing from this world towards Your mercy. O You! that is sufficient for everything, and there is nothing that could satisfy in Your place O the strength of the helpless ones, O  the support of the support less, we have given all the hopes except from You. Grant us salvation from the state I am presently in, and help me by dispelling the befallen calamity as a mercy of Your Being and as a right of Muhammad (Sal-am) which he enjoys upon You. Aameen!

O Allah! watch me by Your eye which do not slumber, and cover me by Your power near which none can dare to approach, and be kind to me on account of that might which is superior to me, so that I am not ever doomed, and You are my hope. There are many such boons that You have conferred upon me and I have been wanting in gratefulness to You on that account. And those many such distresses that You have put me to but I have been wanting in contentment on those occasions. Thus, O the Being that did not deprive me of your boons in spite of the want of gratefulness on my part, and O the Being that did not desert although I remained wanting in contentment on the distresses sent by You and O the Being  who did not admonish me on seeing me sinning.

O the Obligor of never ending obligations and conferrer of such boons which are innumerable. I do beg of You to show Your perfect mercy to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sal-am) and his progeny and upon Your strength I clash with the enemies and powerful ones.

O Allah! help me in my religion along  with the  worldly matters, and in the Hereafter with restrainrnent, and You remain on Guard of such of my things that are away from my sight, and do the things that are before my eyes to my desires.

O the Being! That is not harmed by the sins and whose forgiveness is never shortened, give me such thing that won’t reduce, and pardon me of the thing that does not harm You, as You are the Grantor of all things.  I do seek from You affluence urgently and worthwhile contentment and ample sustenance, and peace from all the distresses, and I do seek from You “Perfect Peace” and seek from You perseverance of peace, and seek from You satisfaction from people, and I do not command refrainment from sins, nor I possess capacity to worship except by the help of Allah, the Almighty.

O Allah! make my inner cleaner than my apparent and make my apparent cleaner too. O  Allah! I do seek from You such good thing as You would grant to all others, such wealth and wives and children that neither are misled nor are misleading for others.

O  Allah! make us among Your choice servants, whose faces and parts of body would be illuminated and they will be the popular guests. O Allah! I demand from You such being unto me as would vest complete faith upon You, and with meeting with You and is pleased in Your pleasure, and is contended with Your grants.

O Allah! praise is meant for You alone, such praise as would last for ever as You would, and praise is meant for You, such praise as would be inexhaustible except when You would please. Praise is meant for You, such praise which is intended out of your pleasure, and praise is for You praise in abundance at every winking of the eye and on every breath. O Allah! divert my heart towards my religion and protect us from all around by Your mercy.

O Allah just as You are in between myself and my heart as such in between myself and the satan; and his actions. O  Allah! oblige us by Your benevolence and  do not deprive as from Your sustenance, and make our sustenance “Blessed”, and make us affluent and large-hearted, and attract us towards the thing that is with You

O Allah! make me among those who surrendered to You completely, thus  You became sufficient for them. They sought guidance from You and You and You gave it to them. And they sought Your help and You helped them.

O Allah! put my fear into thoughts and views of mine and change them into Your memorization. And make courage and desire within me inclined towards the thing You take as good and like it. O Allah! keep me firm on path of Allah in the test You put me to, whether the test is hard or easy.

O Allah! I do seek from You of integration of boon in all the things, and gratefulness to You till You are pleased. And after that choose for me from all such things that are chosen. And choose all good actions and no bad actions.

O Allah! the riser of the day and creator of the night, the time for rest, and determiner of the movement of the sun and the moon, grant me the power to fight in Your path

O Allah! praise is for You during the distresses on my behest and Your conduct of behaviors with Your creature, and praise is for You during Your distress and Your treatment of affairs of our households, and praise is for You during distresses and good conduct with our lives. And praise is for You on giving us guidance and praise is for You for granting us honor. And praise is for You on concealing our blackness, and praise is for You on Holy Quran, and praise is for You for our wealth and wives, and praise is for You on ignoring our faults, and praise is for You till You are pleased, and praise if for You after You are pleased.

O Allah! whom we should fear and oh the Being who is worthy of granting forgiveness!

O Allah! make me capable of doing that which You regard good and  like whether it is thought or action  or  any performance, intention or manner, undoubtedly You are the controller of everything.

O Allah!  I seek Your refuge from a fraudulent friend, whose eyes look at me and whose heart is elsewhere, and who minimizes the good that he sees and enlarges the evil that he sees. O Allah! I seek Your refuge from extreme penury and being excessively needy.

O Allah! I do seek Your refuge from Saran, and his ghosts, O Allah! I seek Your refuge from the mischief of women. O Allah! I seek Your refuge from turning against me on the day or judgment.

O Allah! I do seek Your refuge from every action which scandalizes me, and seek Your refuge from such a companion which teases me, and seek Your refuge from such planning as would blacken me, and seek your refuge from such penury as would make me starve, and seek Your refuge such richness that would make my mind infirm. O Allah! I seek Your refuge from worried death and seek your refuge from the death with sorrow.


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