The Importance of Zikr

“The name of Allah is pure, when you will take His name, your mouth too will become clean. The impurity will pick-up its bedding and depart.
Every opposite runs from its opposite, as night flees when the day breaks forth with its light.
And so the purity of Allah’s name dispels your impurity.
When the name of Allah comes onto the tongue,
The impurity and darkness of sin cannot remain there

No matter what condition we are in and no matter how much sin we are involved in, we should not make delay in making Zikrullah thinking about the impurities of our hearts. Lets not delay in making Zikrullah, awaiting first for the rectification of self. In fact through the blessings of Zikrullah – rectification of self (islaah) will become easy. It is through the noor of the Zikr that one becomes aware of the darkness of sins.

When a Zaakir commits sin, he is quickly granted the grace to repent, because in the noor of Zikr, the darkness of sins are easily perceived. Once we get aware of the fragrance of Zikr, the evil smell of sins is strongly perceived, causing one to make taubah quickly and cleanse the heart.  It is just like a person who is used to wearing clean clothes, such a person will not tolerate a dirty spot on it and will not rest until the dirty spot is washed away. One used to being dressed in dirty clothes, will not even see a dirty spot on his clothes, because his clothes are full of dirty spots. And even if he becomes aware of the dirty spot, there will be no urgency to cleanse the spot and remove it.

Once the habit of Zikr is inculcated, rectification of self can be gradually accomplished.


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I am Syed Fawaz Ahmed. I am currently pursuing post graduation in New Media Design at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Engineer by profession, Artist at heart. I have done my Engineering in Information Science in M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology You can reach me at
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