Hijamah / Cupping in Bangalore and other Indian Cities

Dear Brothers,

Hijamah or Cupping is Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed SAWS. There are many authentic hadith which describe how the Messenger of Allah used to undergo Hijamah at many instances.

This sunnah is very rarely practised these days due to lack of knowledge, misconceptions and mostly because people dont know where to get hijamah /cupping done in a safe manner. We think its done only in Saudi Arabia or in the Middle East.

As far as my knowledge (may Allah SWT forgive my errors).
Dr. Shaheed performs Hijamah / cupping in Bangalore.
His clinic is in J.P.Nagar 5th Phase, Vinayak Nagar. He generally performs Hijamah / cupping early in the morning (7:00 AM).Alhamdulillah, Dr.Shaheed does not demand the patients money for Hijamah / Cupping (As per the directions of Prophet Muhammed SAWS). But the patients can give him the compensation as per their ability.

He can be reached at: +91 99455 03329 for appointments


HijamaTherapist Salma Rahman 9880050071 

HijamaTherapist Asma Mudasir 9886536671 (for ladies)

I also found a website called http://www.hijamadirectory.info/directory

This list has many Hijamah doctors who have registered themselves in this website. I am putting the list of Indian doctors below. You can find the doctors of your own country in the link given above.

** Please NOTE that I have not verified the authenticity or the credibility of the doctors or their contact details. I just intend to share this info hoping some would find it useful. May Allah forgive us all.

DOWNLOAD PDF: Hijamah Doctors in India


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