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I am Syed Fawaz Ahmed. I am currently pursuing post graduation in New Media Design at National Institute of Design, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Engineer by profession, Artist at heart. I have done my Engineering in Information Science in M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology You can reach me at

Statements of wisdom by Ibn al-Mubarak

Some statements of wisdom by Ibn al-Mubarak: ‘How often does a small deed become big due to one’s intention, and how often does a big deed become small due one’s intention!’ ~ ‘When one of you learns enough of the Qur’an … Continue reading

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Highly inspiring quotes by Boona Mohammed

Dubbed the “voice of a generation,” Boonaa Mohammed is a critically acclaimed award winning writer and performer with accolades including a playwright residency at Theatre Passe Muraille, a short story published in a Penguin Canada anthology called “Piece by Piece” … Continue reading

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ISLAM: Between ignorant followers and incapable scholars – By Abdul Qadir Awdah

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate! Glory be to Allah who taught man how to read and revealed to him what was previously unknown. And may peace be upon Muhammad, the unlettered Prophet, who was selected by … Continue reading

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Learn Arabic with ease and comforts of your house – Khalid Arabic Academy, Bangalore

Insha’Allaah, Khalid Arabic Academy, now registered under Malak Welfare Trust, will be starting a new batch for brothers and sisters both. These classes will be conducted Online via skype for the convenience of those who could not make it to … Continue reading

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ISHA Reading Room and Kalaskar Educational Services are FAKE ORGANISATIONS – Beware of them

Dear Friends,   ISHA Reading Room and Information Center is a FAKE ORGANISATION who CHEAT innocent students. They send letters to Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab etc. and ask the recipients to send a DD / Money Order / Cheque of Rs.250 for registration. They … Continue reading

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“You will walk alone, die alone, and resurrect alone”

From the book: Men around the Messenger By: Khalid Muhammad Khalid Translated by: Sheikh Muhammed Mustafa Gemeiah, Dr.Abdel – Hamid Eliwa Al Azhar University Volume 1, Page 44-64 Published by: Dar Al-Manarah, Egypt Abu Dhar Al-Ghifaariy The leader of Opposition … Continue reading

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The pain of a troubled father – A remarkable hadith

From the book: Maariful Quran By: Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani Translated by: Muhammad Shamim Volume 4, Surah 17 (Bani Israil) Commentary of the Verse 22-25, Page 485 – 497 The pain of a troubled father – A remarkable hadith Al-Qurtubi … Continue reading

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