Islamic Stories Set 1

  1. Abu Hazim and the Caliph
    Maariful Quran – Mufti Shafi Usmani – Volume 1. Page 193 – 196
  2. An instructive story of  a minister
    From the Book: “Islahi Khutbat” Vol 1  Page: 147
  3. The story of a Villager
    From the Book: “Islahi Khutbat” Vol 2  Page: 153
  4. The temptation of shaitaan
    From the Book: “Tanmbihul Ghafeleen”
    ADMONITION FOR THE NEGLECTFUL  by Faqih Abu Lais Samarqandi (A.R) Page: 59
  5. Feeding a fasting Sahabi
  6. The Story of Abdullah bin Ja’far and Abdullah bin Zubair
  7. The story of Alqamah

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