An instructive story of a Minister

Book: Islahi Khutbaat, Vol 1, Page 147-148

It  is related  from a saint  that  once upon a time  there lived  a very rich  minister.  In  those olden days people used  to deposit their money  in underground cells. This misister had amassed  in  this  cell heaps  of gold, silver and other valuables.

Once the minister entered his underground cell to – inspect his treasure secretly, without informing the guard appointed for this purpose of this secret programme. He did this  to  see  if  the guard was misappropriating  the  treasure.

The door to this cell was such that  it could be closed (from inside) but could not be opened from inside. The minister entered the  cell  and  closed  the  door  from  inside without  thinking how  he  could  open  it,  as  the  door  could  be  opened  only from outside. The guard at  the door thought that the cell was closed and safe. He had no idea at all that the owner of the treasure was  inside the cell. After having inspected the treasure, when the owner came to the door, he found no way out and  remained  imprisoned  there.

After  sometime he felt hungry and thirsty, but there was no food and no water, although there was gold and silver in abundance. During the night  he wanted  to sleep, but  there was no bedding, although  there was gold and  silver. The result was  that he remained alive  there as  long as he could do without  food and water, then he died helplessly in the cell.

The gold and silver heaped there could be of no avail. This money  is not  in  itself,  of any use  and  gain  to man, unless  it  is used  to purchase the necessaries of  life and  the monetary  and  the econonoic  systems are planned and run on the right lines.


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