Feeding a fasting Sahabi

One of  the Sahabah was  keeping  fast  after  fast,  as he could not get anything to eat. Hadhrat Thabit (Radhiyallaho anho)  came to know of  this.

He told his wife: “I  shall bring a guest  tonight. When we sit at the meal, put out the lamp, pretending to set it right, and you are not to eat anything until the guest has taken his fill.”

The scheme worked  out as  in  the  last  story. The husband and wife sat with  the guest  and  the simple soul never  suspected  in  the  least  that  neither of  them had  partaken  at all of  the  food,  though  their  hands  and  jaws  seemed  to  be moving  all  right.  When  Hadhrat  Thabit  (Radhiyallaho anho)  repaired  to  tbe  Prophet’s  (Sallallaho  alaihe  wasallam)  presence  next  morning,  he  was  greeted  with  the happy news;

“0,  Thabit! Allah  has very much  appreciated  your entertainment of  the guest last night.”


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