Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind(RAH) and his modesty

Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind Maulana Mahmoodul-Hasan is the man who launched such a vigorous freedom movement against the British Government in India which shook to the core of the whole of India, Afghanistan and Turkey. My respected father Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi Sahib related a story about him on the authority of Hazrat Maulana Mughis Sahib An Alim of Ajmer (India).

Maulana Mueenuddin Ajmeri decided to go to Deoband to pay a visit to the Sheikh-ul-Hind. Accordingly, he reached Deoband and asked a Tonga driver to take him to Maulana Sheikhul-Hind. In Deoband he was known as Bade (big) Maulana Sahib. The Tonga-driver inquired: do you want to go to Bare Maulawi Sahib? The reply being in the affirmative, the Tonga-driver took him to the house of Hazrat Sheikhul-Hind.

It was summer time, when this visitor knocked at the door, a man wearing a vest and a long cloth, came out of the house. The visitor told the man at the door that he had come from Ajmer to meet Hazrat Maulana Mahmoodul-Hasan Sahib and that his own name was Mueenuddin Ajmeri. He was let in and asked to take his seat. The visitor repeated his desire to see the Sheikhul-Hind. The man asked him to have patience. As the season was hot he began to fan him. The visitor asked the man with some irritation to infom the Maulana that a man had come from Ajmer to see the Maulana. He went in came out with food. The visitor told the man that he had not come to take food, he wanted to see the Maulana. The man requested the visitor to take the food and he would soon meet the Maulana. The visitor took food and drank water. Then the visitor complained with some irritation that the man was not informing Sheikh-ul-Hind of his visit.

The man (who was Sheikh-ul-Hind himself) said to the visitor:”Hazrat! No Sheikh-ul-Hind resides here. Mahmoodul Hasan is indeed the name of the man standing before you”.

Another event relating to Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind
It was a regular programme followed during Ramazan at the place of Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind, Maulana Mahmoodhul Hasan Sahib, that the Taraweeh prayer was started after the Isha prayer and continued throughout the night till dawn. The Qur’an was completed after every three or four days. A Hafiz recited the Qur’an and Sheikhul-Hind listened to the recitation standing behind the Hafiz. He himself was not a Hafiz-e-Quran. At the end of the Taraweeh the Hafiz Sahib used to lie down for a short nap near the Sheikhul-Hind. The Hafiz Sahib related that one night when he opened his eyes he saw that someone was
massaging his legs. He thought that it might be some pupil or student. When he looked up after sometime he found to his great surprise that it was Hazrat Sheikh-ul-Hind himself
who was massaging his legs. The Hafiz Sahib at once got up and asked what the Sheikh was doing. The Sheikh-ul-Hind replied: You remain standing during Taraweeh the whole night. I am massaging your legs that they may receive some comfort.

This was the character of our elder saints. May Allah grant us some of this colour: Aameen.


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