The Story of a Bania (An Indian Shopkeeper)

Islahi Khutbat – Discourses on Islamic Way Of Life – Vol 4 – Mufti Taqi Usmani

There is an event of exciting laughter, yet it contains useful morals  for one endowed with intelligence.

An elderly  saint of ours who  is also a  famous physician  told us  this  story of a Bania who was  a druggist  and his  son also used to help him in the business at the shop. One day the Bania was going somewhere. He asked his son to look after the business. He instructed the son as to the prices of the various  drugs. The son agreed  to look after  the business in his  father’s  absence.

A  little  later  a customer came to the shop and purchased two bottles of some syrup at  the  rate  of one hundred  Rupees per  bottle. When  the father returned after some time he asked his son about the sales. The son told his father about the sales including the two bottles  of  the  syrup which  he had  sold  for one hundred Rupees each. On hearing this the father was greatly shocked at the action of his son who had  sold the two bottles  of  the  syrup for one hundred  instead  of  two thousand Rupees  each. He  scolded  the  son  at  his  folly. The son too  seriously felt the  loss of his father and began to weep owing to the fault and besought his father to pardon him.

When  the father saw that his son was very much shocked at his folly, he consoled and comforted him thus “My  son, it  is not necessary  to worry  so much, because even the amount of Rs.  100/= for which you have sold the bottle of the  syrup contians an element of profit. If you had worked wisely you  could have sold the bottles for Rs two thousands, each. Anyway, we are not in loss at all.


Thus we  see that  if a businessman does not make a profit he thinks that he is in loss. If the absence of profit is regarded  as  loss  in  the worldly business, the  same principle should apply to transactions concerning Deen. That  is why  Imam Ghazzali RAH  has  said  that  if we spend  the  available moments  in  activities which  do  not bring any profit, then this really means loss. If you had so desired, you could have  earned a huge profit  for  the Hereafter.
Mould your  life on this pattern  and see the result !


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