A Lesson- Bearing case of a Young Man

Islahi Khutbat – Discourses On Islamic Way Of Life – Vol 10 -Mufti Taqi Usmani DB

A young man came to me once in my office. He had no sign of Islamic spirit on him. From head to foot he had a western appearance and his dress was western too. One could not say on looking at him that he had religious feelings within him. He said to me that he had come to ask a question. This young man was an Actuary- one who calculates risks involved and premium chargeable. In those days there was no opportunity in Pakistan to study in this field. He had qualified in England and when he returned there were only two or three people in Pakistan who were qualified as Actuaries. Naturally, they were in
great demand by the Insurance companies who paid them handsome salaries and offered them lucrative benefits and facilities , further, such a person cannot be accomodated at
any other place. However, after he was qualified and had received an employment, someone told him that the insurance business was unlawful. He said,” I have come to you to confirm if it really is unlawful”

I told him that all forms of insurance available then in pakistan were unlawful. They were based on interest or gambling Therefore, it is not allowed to be employed in an insurance company, however, our elders have suggested that an employee of a bank or an insurance company should look out for another employment and he must seek it with all earnest as if he was unemployed. As soon as he gets the other employment, he must give up the service in a bank or an insurance company. The reason they do not ask to quit the job forthwith is that living conditions of a person may not warrant cessation of
income , and if anyone becomes unemployed then the devil may prompt him against religion and suggest to him that his problems were caused by it.

The young man told me firmly that he had not come to seek advice on whether he should give up his employment or not but he had come only to ask whether it was lawful or unlawful to work there. I reminded him that I had explained to him the question of its legality in Islam and I had also told him what our elders suggested on the subject of employment. The young man said to me, “do not give me an advice on whether I should keep my job or not but let me know in clear terms if the employment is lawful or not.”
I said to him, “It is unlawful.” He asked,” tell me whether Allah has decreed it unlawful or is it you who declares so? “I confirmed to him that Allah had disallowed it .
He said, “Allah who has declared it haram (unlawful) will not leave me without livelihood. Hence, I will not return to that office anymore. Allah will not close the doors of livelihood on me. I give up the employment now! ”

It is very clear from this that we must not go by appearances. It did not look by seeing him that this young man had a very strong faith concealed in his heart. He had great faith in Allah and Allah did bestow on him avenues of halaal livelihood. He is living in the United States these days.

His words are engraved on my heart till now!


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